My Services


Music can add a new dimension to a film or game that is both subtle, yet significant in a way that is hard to describe. If your next project needs a soundtrack, contact me with details about your vision, and I’ll be able to create something entirely unique that helps tell your story.


It doesn’t matter if you are a country singer, or a techno DJ, I can help you turn your ideas into reality. I have 8 years of experience producing music across a variety of genres and styles. Bring me your melodies, chord progressions, demos, or even simple hooks, and we’ll work together to create whatever you can imagine.


Anything you can imagine, I can bring to life. From the smallest splash of a raindrop to an earthquake’s thunderous roar, your project will come alive with sound. If you need sound effects for your game, movie, app or television show, contact me and we’ll find the perfect sound for your project.


When mixing audio, it’s important to maintain a balance between all parts of the project, while making sure the main elements still cut through the mix. I use professional audio software to ensure your projects sound clear and full, while maintaining the integrity of your original vision.


The final stage of every project before it is ready to be shared with the world. I will take your mixed tracks and put the finishing touches on your audio to prepare it for commercial release. Whether it be for streaming, CD, vinyl etc., your project will be mastered to professional standards.